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Why We Wander

We, travel junkies, are NOT ok.

Self-quarantine and social distancing restrictions have extroverts and socialites going NUTS. What were considered normal daily activities -- traveling near and far, partying, or simply being around people every day -- have been closed off to us abruptly, indefinitely. Naturally, not experiencing life outside has posed a huge problem. And seemingly nomadic groups just can't seem to sit still to save our lives.

Meanwhile, home habitués glare at the world's wanderers liiiike….

Relax those

gel brows, Sis,

and understand

why we wander.

Studies show that when social bonds are interrupted, we suffer. In fact, scientist Scott Lieberman explains in his article Why We Are Wired to Connect that social pain is real pain. (SEE!? The pouting we might show is NOT us just being spoiled.) Disconnection hurts.

So how can such restless spirits satisfy social cravings?

Virtual connections help. It's FAR FROM A REPLACEMENT for in-person vibes! But, Zoom, Houseparty, WhatsApp and such apps certainly help. There is a certain bit of intimacy involved with seeing people at home, in their jammies, no makeup, and no filters.

Hmm. Maybe that’s what this time is about:

Stripping the facades.

Going beyond those walls.

Connecting differently.

Perhaps THIS IS THE TIME for the restless to rest more.

How are you remaining connected during pandemic times? Are you traveling but staying closer to home? Are you entertaining more while at home? How are you using technology when connecting with friends & fam?

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