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Spicy Adventures Lead to Sweet Connections

Up and OUT!

This time: a Saturday flight to Sacramento (for under $200, may I add!).

New city. No agenda. No fixed itinerary. Just ~48 hours and a promise to meet up with a few folks as everyone's schedules allowed.

THE ADVENTURE THAT UNFOLDED!!!....was soooooo......organically orchestrated.

Mermaids & oxtails. Watermelon chipotle & Kool-Aid cocktails. East Oakland shenanigans. Private expressions of affection. Public displays of pure silliness. And endless laughter! The weekend couldn't have been planned better.

My hospitality persona LIVED for the PHENOMENAL service at Sacramento's bustling brunch at Fixins Soul Kitchen in Oak Park, the blissful Lake Merritt treats from Mr. Bowtie Bartender and other vendors, and the authentic East Oakland flavors found at La Penca Azul and my wingman's fave food truck. My palate is pleased! However, my NorCal getaway allowed my soul to discover -- or maybe uncover -- something far more fascinating.

People are hungry for beautiful connections. And, often, we just need a REASON to connect.

In the hospitality classes I teach, I introduce Maslow's and Pearce's theoretical models that explain consumer motivation as related with tourism and leisure behavior. Strengthening social bonds, and building relationships are vital reasons for travel! Sure, a couple psychologists say that. But, to actually LIVE that, EXPERIENCE that, and hear others EXPRESS that was, as I said earlier, truly fascinating.

We know that we need to connect.

Why don't we take more time to do that?

Is life's busy-ness in the way of our fullest enjoyment of life?

Yes, I flew cross-country to tap into this sweet experience. But you may just tap into something closer to home, as my Cali friends did. EITHER WAY, find a reason to connect. It's necessary.

Tell us about a recent time you spent intentionally building a relationship, expanding your social network or strengthening bonds. Was it a spicy adventure? Or a sweet connection? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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