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Positivity & Perseverance Have Power

It's pandemic.

Prior to March 2020, this statement would've probably just seemed like hyperbolic hype for something. TODAY, it's our life.

Its interruption has spawned many "survival of the fittest" responses from individuals and entities as we collectively seek answers for questions that seem to be so looming and threatening.


Choosing positivity & perseverance over everything.

Undeniably, our current pandemic state has unveiled disparities in our societies. Maybe we've been aware of these issues. Today, as music festivals are muted, flights are grounded and social nearness is abandoned, inequities are undressed, lingering without façade.

Small business financing.

The care part of healthcare.

Our reliance on tourism revenue.

Respect & protection for all essential workers - particularly those who feed, lodge, transport and entertain us. After all, we've needed our food (and wine!) deliveries and many have argued how Club Quarantine has saved lives.

We SEE the disparities.

Now, it's time to work to do better.

This week, I will join a conversation about The Power of Positivity and Perseverance. Each has power we can use to pursue funding, heal our loved ones, experience revenue rebound and honor our workforce so that when our post-pandemic world spins, the beauty we see will be true for all.

I will share my experience the week. What I really want to know:

How have you used positivity and perseverance to push forward during pandemic? How will your moves help to minimize inequities that stare at us daily?

Share your thoughts right here!


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