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Memories Can Calm Chaos

4 am,

FINALLY drifting to sleep after cocooning from yesterday’s stress.

8:50 am, Emerged.


And smiling, reminded of a few things in my room:

  • The thrill of Sabir’s first rollercoaster ride.

  • Madrid’s pride parade from my first trip out of the country.

  • That UGLY 5th grade ID photo.

  • Those cards of appreciation from the best summer of my life.

...a few things placed around my room to rejuvenate my spirit and help me feel...ALIVE.

Just yesterday though, my room felt more like a jail cell.

Face it. During quarantine and stay-at-home orders, it’s hard to NOT feel that way about home. Seeing the same space every day can be rather, blah. It’s been proven that one’s environment affects one’s mood. So, have you considered how surrounding yourself with pleasant memories can make your space more enjoyable, even while the politics and social unrest aren’t enjoyable at all?

  • That pic of my new friend screaming on Kings Dominion’s Dominator reminds me that in order to truly live, sometimes you need to take the scariest ride.

  • The PRIDE flag that I brought home reminded me of my first international travel experience to Madrid and the liberation I felt traveling out of my comfort zone.

  • That squirrelly throwback pic reminds me that I am always changing.

  • The stack of thank you cards from last year's Summer Leadership Academy reminded me that...I’m a good person, I do good things, I’ve done good things.

At some point not long ago, we went out into the world pretty fearlessly. Even though we’re currently limited by certain travel restrictions, we can calm the outside world's chaos by rearranging our physical space with meaning. What’s worked for me:

  1. Declutter my space.

  2. Open windows to let some light in. Open the blinds! Even if I didn’t feel it immediately, I realized that I’ve “woosah’d” after feeling sunshine.

  3. Aromatherapy! Burning or spraying my fave scent helps to lighten my mood.

  4. Rearrange things in my room to fit my current aesthetic.

  5. Make blah space useful by turning it into a niche for work, meditation, art or makeup.

  6. Use my fave photos to preserve memories on the walls around me.

  7. Play with mirrors and lights to make my room look bigger. Click here to find a few fun to add to your niche space.

  8. Add reminders to Laugh. Smile. Reminisce on 1st times and favorite times.

Good or bad, we collect memories. Little things make us cringe, smile, or laugh. Some memories even help us to just breathe easier.

In chaotic times, we deserve calm.

I needed calm at 4 am this morning. At 8:50 am when I looked around, I found a bit of it right at home.

I don’t feel perfect again. But I feel way better than I did last night.


- R. Campbell

Sometimes I wonder what I would have done if I threw those things away. If I was unable to remember calmer times, would I have been overwhelmed by the chaos of yesterday? How are you calming the chaos in your life today? How are you keeping your good memories alive?

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